Profit Manager

The business world is starting to acknowledge sales as more science than art, but most sales teams lack the proper framework to leverage this science. This has created over 1100 toolsets of varying complexity and reputation out on the market with no standard mechanism for evaluation and deployment.

Profit Manager maps a simple, modern toolset to your process for next-level effectiveness, avoiding a painful grind with no guarantees.


This system identifies damaging gaps and bridges them with proven sales tools and processes, equipping you to drive controllable inputs for proportional results.

  • Funded by the CRO, CMO, SVP, or SD

  • Implemented by Sales Ops

  • Used by SDs, SMs, and Account Leads


  1. A marked increase in quota attainment and management visibility/control

  2. Consistently higher sales numbers and customer experience ratings

  3. Higher return for the same sales resource investment via lifetime value rise and customer churn drop

  4. Reduction in low value, redundant tasks to optimize time spent selling