Frequently asked questions


  • Sales Operating System. SALES OS is NOT a computer operating system, but a modern approach of combining science and best practices. Computers enhance our world by following rules of software code known as an operating system, providing computing devices with a foundation and framework to follow, ensuring the output of any given input is consistent and predictable. At SALES OS, we take a similar approach – following a framework that consistently enhances sales, and provides direction to people and enterprises with predictable, controllable, positive sales results.

  • Sales OS increases organizational efficiency by systematizing

    • sourcing and development of talent.
    • communication of value to prospects and clients.
    • build of a healthy pipeline that meets revenue commitments.
    • alignment of appropriate resources for consistent quota attainment, accountability, and visibility.
  • SALES OS is NOT a computer operating system, but a modern approach of combining science and best practices. This drives sales output much like the way a computer operating system drives a computer’s output.


    • Provides most benefit to divisions or companies from $1.5bbn in revenue down to $150mm.
    • Best leveraged by groups with annual growth goals >10%.
    • Recommend a management / oversight group of less than four during each framework deployment to streamline inputs and outputs.
  • After budgeting, during planning, and before staffing; Sales OS deployments don’t require new dollars, but use existing budget with more efficiency and speed to increase return.

  • Sales OS works best for companies with management focused on operations and growth, not fundraising. We recommend both a proven product to market fit, and a proven operations funding source. If a startup fits these two criteria, it may be a fit for Sales OS.

  • Sales OS provides custom-built operating frameworks (and is not a SaaS/software product). Therefore, there are no trials available.

  • During your Sales OS Blueprint design phase, we will show you options and provide advice on the ones that will fit your business best.

Work Structure

  • Yes, though our recommendation is to start with one of the Sales OS offerings, which is usually completed in under 12 weeks.

  • Consultants focus more on strategy and less on execution. Sales OS provides both strategy and execution through the build out and delivery of turnkey operating frameworks in an easily deployable format.

  • Yes, as during the initial planning and design phase we will help you determine which frameworks will fill the gaps in your organization and also provide the most immediate value.

  • The Sales Operating Frameworks are designed and deployed in a fashion that requires minimal support / sustainment.

    For the largest and most complex organizations, ongoing sustainment is available with completion of AT LEAST two framework deployments.


  • The focused timeframe of each Sales OS build and deployment means both authority and accountability are required from the start. We have a process and reporting cadence throughout that requires minimal check-ins and time from your team.

  • All of our Sales Operating Frameworks are fully deployable within 12 weeks from kickoff, and each blueprint lays out the plan milestones.

  • For framework build and deployment, we don’t require workspaces as the vast majority of work is performed in our HQ in Austin, TX. For onsite collaboration, we do request badges if working on multiple framework build outs.

  • No, in fact framework deployments work best with existing team leadership.

    Unlike traditional rip & replace processes, a Sales OS is an upgrade / add-on to existing systems, processes, toolsets, and people.