Comms Manager

Communicating value and gaining commitment are major hurdles for sales teams. Most marketing and advertising dollars are wasted because they do not compel the buyer to act, relying on sales to fill the gaps.

Communications Manager digs in with marketing and sales to scientifically rebuild the company core value narrative and action templates.


Communications Manager uses statistical psychology to build engaging dialogue templates and a compelling core narrative that’s effective in every prospect and client interaction.

  • Funded by the CRO, CMO, SVP, or SD

  • Implemented by Sales / Marketing

  • Used by Sales


  1. Unified, organization-wide value narrative that teams are required to use because it drives consistent high results

  2. Engaging dialogue templates with calls to action mapped to every stage of the sales process

  3. Monetizable marketing assets that fill the funnel

  4. Refocus of sales & marketing teams on prospect value vs features & benefits bragging