3 Steps to a Better Employee 1-on-1

Sales Leadership

by Guthrie Bunn

Most managers manage existing value, but truly great managers create new value. Effective coaching of sales reps is one of the secret weapons of great managers, and here’s how you do it.

Who: Sales Manager and Team Member

What: Coaching Session

When: For maximum attentiveness, early morning or immediately following lunch

What: 15 min 1 on 1, Face to Face recommended

1 - Set Stage

• Ask for verbal self evaluation or assessment of specific action or result

• Offer guidance / help and ask what biggest need is from you

2 - Break Down Steps

• Say you have advice that can help with this gap

• Ask her to provide desired state (end goal)

• Break down simple elements for getting to desired state

• Get buy-in by asking if this makes sense and is doable

3 - Takeaway

• Brief review of current state, desired state, and agreed steps to bridge

• Ask for agreement

• Schedule next follow up / check-in on progress